What Are Your Strengths?


05/21/2024 · 3 min read

Remember, this quiz is just for fun and might not capture all of your unique qualities. Self-reflection and feedback from those who know you well can offer additional insights.

What Are Your Strengths?

1. How do you typically handle stress?

A. I try to find a solution immediately.

B. I consult others for their opinions.

C. I take a break and reflect.

2. When working in a team, you usually:

A. Lead the group.

B. Support and encourage teammates.

C. Bring innovative ideas to the table.

3. If you encounter a problem you've never seen before, you:

A. Tackle it head-on with confidence.

B. Research and gather information.

C. Discuss it with others.

4. During disagreements, you:

A. Seek compromise.

B. Listen actively and validate others' feelings.

C. Stand firm on your views.

5. When learning something new:

A. You pick it up quickly.

B. You are patient and persistent.

C. You ask a lot of questions.

6. In group discussions, you:

A. Often take the role of mediator.

B. Offer emotional support.

C. Provide fresh perspectives.

7. How do you approach big decisions?

A. Trust your gut feeling.

B. Analyze the pros and cons.

C. Seek advice from trusted individuals.

8. When someone is upset:

A. You offer solutions.

B. You offer a listening ear.

C. You try to distract them with something positive.

9. You feel most accomplished when:

A. Completing a task efficiently.

B. Helping others.

C. Introducing a new strategy or idea.

10. Your preferred way of working is:

A. Having a clear plan.

B. Adapting as things progress.

C. Brainstorming and innovating.

11. In a crisis, you:

A. Stay calm and logical.

B. Show empathy and concern for others.

C. Think outside the box for solutions.

12. When given feedback, you:

A. Appreciate directness and clarity.

B. Value the feelings and intentions behind it.

C. Use it to fuel new ideas.

13. You're best described as:

A. Practical.

B. Compassionate.

C. Creative.

14. When planning an event, you:

A. Ensure every detail is in place.

B. Make sure everyone feels included.

C. Introduce novel themes and ideas.

15. Friends often come to you for:

A. Advice and solutions.

B. Emotional support.

C. Fresh perspectives and ideas.


Mostly As: Your strengths lie in problem-solving, leadership, and efficiency. You're a proactive individual who enjoys a structured approach to challenges.

Mostly Bs: Your strengths are in empathy, supportiveness, and teamwork. You're the emotional backbone of any group, always ready to lend a hand or a listening ear.

Mostly Cs: You excel in innovation, creativity, and adaptability. Your unique perspective and willingness to explore new ideas make you a valuable asset in brainstorming and strategy sessions.

Remember, everyone possesses a mix of strengths, and this quiz is just a fun way to consider what some of those might be. It's essential to recognize and continue developing all of your skills and attributes!